Book CoverThis website provides access to resources for the book Circular Statistics in R by Arthur Pewsey, Markus Neuhauser and Graeme D. Ruxton.

Circular Statistics in R provides the most comprehensive guide to the analysis of circular data in over a decade. Circular data arise in many scientific contexts, both from angular obsevations, and from daily or seasonal activity patterns.

Text files with R code

These eight text files contain the commands used in the separate chapters of the book. They are available for download individually as a single zip file:


All text files (zip)

CircStatsInR workspace

The "CircStatsInR.RData" workspace contains all of the functions and objects generated using the commands presented in the book. To use any particular function simply type its name and supply any required arguments between rounded brackets. Examples of the use of the different functions can be found throughout the book. Please consult the index of the book, under the main entry "CircStatsInR workspace", to identify those pages on which a given function is referred to.

CircStatsInR.RData (right-click or control-click and download)

Larva.dat data

The file "larva.dat" contains the fruit fly larva changes in direction referred to on page 123 of the book.

Larva.dat (right-click or control click and download)